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Ultimate Cimaja Surf Package


Set your packages depends on your limited time, we try to suit your holiday time and budget. Its start from 3 days and more.
Where the packages suit for couple, group of friends, families and single surfer.

Surf spot around Cimaja

Cimaja point, Loji, Karang Sari, Citepus, Samudera Beach Hotel, Indicator, Sunset beach Karang Papak, Karang Hawu, Gurilap, Karang Aji, Cikembang, No Name (by boat).
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West java one of rich surf spot with so many professional surfers coming from the province. In the day where the surf become most growing spot make Cimaja one of the best destinations of surf in Indonesia, its located 4 hours by drive from Jakarta. Since the last three years so many tourists coming from all over the to enjoy the swell, when the crowded Bali seems impossible to surf.
Cimaja produces great barrel when its 7ft, fun wave when 4-5ft all year long, the best season from March to October. Lot of surf spot around Cimaja make its easier to learn even its for the beginner, the beach break located about 2 kilometers ahead to Karang Papak and Karang Hawu.

This is the ultimate all-inclusive package. Take the guesswork out of the equation and make the best of your precious holiday surf time. The package is truly all-inclusive. 

We will take care of you from your arrival at the airport until your departure. With beach and surf front location, local knowledge and private car and we will guide you daily (all day long!) into the best and emptiest waves available in the area.
With our constant off-shore conditions we can guarantee spaghetti arms at the end of the day. However, if you prefer to chill and troll for fish or just relax the muscles in the local hot springs for a change of pace, we can do that, too.

We only accept one group only of four surfers maximum in order to make sure you will receive the service you deserve. This is a highly custom tailored and personalized experience to suit your needs. Treat yourself to the ultimate West Java experience!
Ultimate Cimaja Surf Package

Includes the following:

  • 4 to 14 nights of private, guest house or hotel at Cimaja
  • Private tour to best hot spring in the area.
  • Surf photography by a professional photographer (exclude)
  • Transportation from Sukarno Hatta airport to Cimaja with A/C and English speaking driver
  • Complimentary cultural excursions to fishing villages, seasonal festivities like the cockfight, the ruin of Majapahit empire and Pajajaran empire etc.
  • We can arrange the surf tour to another area like Sawarna and Turtle (Ujung Genteng)
  • Make sure that you save more budget.