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Ultimate Panaitan Island Surf Package


Panaitan the island that very rich wildlife like wild pigs, monkey, buffalo, bulls, phyton, and variety of bird life. The tropical island one of the best surf spot in the world. Promising the uncrowded surf spot you ever surf. Well, Panaitan island the door into Sunda strait another factor makes the swell very special.
Surf point in Panaitan

One Palm Point

One of the world’s longest (up
to 800 yards), most perfect, most dangerous shallow left-hand barrels.


Most surfed surf spot in Panaitan, left-hand barrels can take you want to surf more and more.


The good warm spot in Panaitan, best in low tide. Located deep in the bay.
And many more surf spot like that produce the best right hand in the island
Inside Rights, Illusions, Apocalypse and lot of secret spot we can explore the main island

This is the ultimate all-inclusive package. The package is truly all-inclusive. You won’t spend an extra dollar!
We will take care of you from your arrival at the airport until your departure. With beach and surf front location, local knowledge and private car and boat transportation we will guide you daily (all day long!) into the best and emptiest waves available in the area.
We only accept ONE group only of four surfers minimum in order to make sure you will receive the service you deserve. This is a highly custom tailored and personalized experience to suit your needs. Treat yourself to the ultimate West Java experience!
Pulau Panaitan located in Taman Nasional Ujung Kulon, give surfer left-hander great experience to conquer shallow water reef, its very extreme and challenge. It good for you if you to try life on board for couple days.
Our board is our hotels, where we sleep and doing another activity like fishing, enjoy sunset etc.

Ultimate Panaitan Island onboard living packages

includes the following:

  • 3 to 10 (you might custom your vacation) nights of on boat living during the entire stay!
  • All food and drinks included. Yes, even local beers! Three delicious meals per day and lunch packages for boat and car days
  • Unlimited personalized, guided surfing by the professional surfer from Cimaja, drive the car to Ujung Kulon.
  • Two unforgettable days of surfing and fishing from the boat.
  • Transportation from Sukarno Hatta airport to Ujung Kulon with A/C and English speaking driver.
  • Fruits
  • Snacks
  • Drinks

Contact us for detail price and costum your request