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Cimaja Surf camp Session (best seller event 2018)


This year we try to break through the school holiday activity, it seems bored years after years in the same action. We try to another option to try school holiday with surfing activity, it’s a game, sport, cause we work with local school boys in the area. We try to share the same activity to the general school in Jakarta and West Java. Try our best program surf lesson and environmental workshop special for a group and get the best deal with us.

Our surf camp program that might suit your need or your group girl surf camp, weekend surf camp, surfing day and adventure. We have another program to suit your holiday in our beautiful surf spot for private, group, and the family tries our surf lesson to suit your need in packages Private lesson, group lesson, surf lesson for kids, and family surf lesson package, its nice cheap and cover your surf need in Cimaja and around.

Learn to surf in a group much better and happier, you can share the laugh and the wave at the same time, friendship is everything and we know it, that’s why we offer a promo for everyone who joins in the group.
Can you imagine yourself riding a wave on beautiful Sunset Beach, Palabuhan Ratu? Our popular two-hour beginner surf lesson will get you safely up and onto your first wave, before you’ve had time to worry about falling off, meet a new friend and start to paddle out, drive away your problem and start over the adventure, these are modules for a beginner.

Step 1

Beach awareness
Explanation of equipment
Paddling technique
Standing up/popping up to your feet
Catching a wave in the white water

Step 2

How to stand up and ride the wave toward the beach
Acceleration/stalling technique
Pop-up in a better position
Catching green wave         


The program will every single month, 12 times a year on the first weekend. This the new boot camp for Indonesian girls or boys come and meet a new friend and try to surf like a real adventurer. Check the schedule for detail.



09.00-12.00      introduction and 1st session
12.00-14.00      Break and lunchtime (included)
14.00-16.00      2nd session


07.00-09.00      session 3 module 2
10.00-12.00      session 4 
12.00-13.00      Break and lunchtime,
13.00-15.00      Evaluation and end of camp (back to your personal program)

Every participant will stay in the hotel share with another participant, around Karang Hawu and Cimaja beach with the beach as the view.


  • Children over the age of 5 years subject to normal rates, under a five-year 50% discount, under 2 years Free
  • Confirmation no later than 1 (one) week before the event to give a down payment of 50% of the total cost. 
  • Departure cancellations made within 4 days prior to the day of departure at discounted administration fee of 10% of total DP,. (If cancellation is done on the day that the administration fee of 75% of total DP). 
  • Full payment is required no later than the H-2.
  • Small group (min of 5)
  • Taught by friendly, hand-picked local and international surf coaches
  • Covers all the basics: from warm-up to paddling, to catching waves and standing
  • Includes important surf and safety rules
  • Relaxed, supportive vibe
  • Professional and well organized
  • Massive fun! 

Not Included 

• Personal Expenses 

• Travel insurance 

Participants Supplies 

• Surfboard (you can rent another if you need some challenge)
• Bag to save your belonging
• Identification Card 
• Personal Medications 

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