20 TIPS TO SURF TRAVEL IN INDONESIA Indonesia becomes the mother of the break in the world because of a lot of surf spots across Sumatr...


Indonesia becomes the mother of the break in the world because of a lot of surf spots across Sumatra, Java, Bali, Lombok and Eastern Indonesia.  It also located in between the Pacific Ocean and the Hindia Ocean that make Indonesia a beautiful spot for every pro surfer in the world. Here some tips if you’re planning to trip Indonesia crystal wave.

1. You have your own surfboard

It is better than you have to rent the surfboard in every surf spot, you will exactly understand the character of your board. 

The more you know your board easier to explore your skill on the wave. Buy once and know it well

2. Take public transportation

Indonesia provides a lot of public transportation across the island, its cheaper than you have to rent a personal car.

3. Rent the motorbike if you want to explore the country

This the best way to explore Indonesia, some places hard to access, the motorbike is the best solution.

4. The Big restaurant is a big price

You don’t need to sit in the big restaurant, Indonesia street food rich with taste, don’t worry about the price it's affordable.

5. Street food is the best deal in Indonesia

6. Meet the local

The Indonesian is friendly and easy-going, just say "hello" and ask them the question about the country or something around the town is the best way to keep in touch with them.

7. Don’t spend your night in a big hotel

You can go to the backpacker hotel, the locals used to live closer to the backpacker hotel.

8. Transport by train is the cheapest in Indonesia

Its obtain in Java when you travel across Java start from Banyuwangi (Plengkung or G-land) stop by the big city and join wonderful attractions around the city, nightlife another option while you can explore some of the volcano and wonderful sunrise of Java in Bromo. Surabaya, Malang, Jogyakarta, Semarang, Bandung, Jakarta, Sukabumi and the last Banten (Panaitan island).     

9. Don’t hesitate to stop by the closest destination

10.  Don’t stay in Bali too long

Yup, this is not only Indonesia with the best area in the country you have to explore around, but you will also exactly understand that you being lost in paradise.

11. Join the surf club with local surfer

Besides the local people, the local surfer is the best friend, they know the secret spot, they will show you around.

12. Rent a car if you more than 5 person

5 person is best to rent a car than you have to go with a motorbike, the event the price little bit higher but it's worth than you have to drive after a surf session, don’t act like local Indonesia they used to live with a motorbike for hours event in the bad condition.

13. Try the night criminal Jakarta tour

Spare to come to Jakarta and enjoy the sloopy Jakarta, flood, jammed for hours and rubbish, beggar and nightlife.

14. Go directly to the immigration office for your own document

The best way to know Indonesia is to know the birocrazy, it totally messes up and makes twinkle your eyes and up your hands up coz angry J. And say this word “bangsat”.

15.  Be careful with the police if go by motorbike

The beggar is a problem, police also problem here, they know how to blame everyone every single time they stop you, better avoid them. Not the best solution to carry out the problem. The most “iseng” people in the country.

16. Be sure to ask the police name and range

Even they are sometimes come with the problem, but it doesn’t matter to ask them about direction.

17. No problem to join the traditional ceremony

Yup, you can join them in Id Fitri, Galungan, Christmas ect, we will be happy if we have guest around us. We take you to our big family and share happiness.
bedug party (pict from the internet)

18.  Best time to keep in touch is in Ramadhan

Hmmm, this is optional, but if you come to Indonesia in Ramadhan, they will fasting in the day, but it is okay to join when it break time. Let's say it’s a party after the sunset. With no alcohol, exactly.

19.  Be careful with the pickpocket

Just be careful at everywhere at any time, this is your vacation just don’t turn it into trouble.

20.  Keep your document save

Its a criminal action, your document is the most important while you’re away of your country. That will show you your identity. Be sure when you rent motor or surfboard or hotel.

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