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Do You want to learn to surf correctly? 

Do You want to enjoy the day with the wave? 

Here you will learn to surf with the professional surfer. and I say......

Welcome to Bali and try your vacation with the surfboard surfing camp Bali. 

After you arrived/met at the Batu Bolong beach in Canggu you will have some time to get changed and take your time before the lesson we will give you a surfboard that fits your surf level. 

We have boxes where you can put all your stuff, or in case we came by car, you can also lock your belongings inside there. 
In case it is your first surf lesson, we will start with a warm-up at the beach, where you will get some tips and tricks about surfing and practice the takeoff. 

The duration of a surf session will be until you get tired (but a maximum of 2 hours).
surf camp Bali beginner with the professional instructor of surfing schools Bali. 

Our Instructor has joined surf camp in Bali Indonesia, train surf camp Bali TripAdvisor,

A lot of tourists who join surf camp Bali reviews about the Island and surf culture, surf camp Bali, Uluwatu, or Kuta and Canggu

Our Guarantee

You're pretty much guaranteed to get up on your first lesson

Or, for a more thorough introduction to surfing, our Private Surf Lesson Packages might be more suited to your needs. 

I will show you the safety procedures yet exciting surfing can be around the beautiful coast of Bali. We have lessons catering to every need, from beginners to advanced surfers and young children. 

We will start on at the beach and complete a 30-minute session teaching you the best techniques for how to stand up, how to paddle and how to stay safe in the water. This will include some gentle stretches and warm-up activities. 

Once I am confident that you are able to pop-up the surfboard we will enter the water. I will paddle alongside you and assist you to catch the waves, whilst giving important feedback on how best to improve for the next waves. 

The session will last up to 90 minutes. Once out of the water it is time to recover your energy and discuss what you can do next time in the water to improve. 

Surfing is addictive and once you've got a taste of it I am sure it will be a hobby for life.

Your time is precious. Don't waste it!
Let us help you take your surfing to the next level!

We designed the surf lessons to fit your schedule, and all equipment is provided. 

Lessons are provided in all locations. 

The very beginner surfer will learn the ultimate surfing technique, be warming up and the correct body position.

2 Hours
Basic Introduction
Explanation of equipment

Paddling technique

Standing up/popping up to your feet
Catching a wave in the white water
Safety Precautions
Shore side Training
T-Shirt, Surf Gear
IDR 550.000  IDR 400.000 (NOW)
PROMO PRICE   $35 ---------- $29

Step 1

·         Beach awareness
·         Explanation of equipment
·         Paddling technique
·         Standing up/popping up to your feet
·         Catching a wave in the white water

Beach boy Surfing

  • Taught by friendly, hand-picked local and international surf coaches
  • Covers all the basics: from warm-up to paddling, to catching waves and standing
  • Includes important surf and safety rules
  • Relaxed, supportive vibe
  • Professional and well organized
  • Massive fun!

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if you stay in Bali there are a lot of surf camps like surf camp BaliMojo, not too far from the crowded favorites surfing lessons  Kuta Bali.

There a lot of surf camp Bali with the various prize like surf camp Bali in Seminyak, Dreamsea surf camp Bali, even the Pro Surf camp Bali hotel in Kuta and surf camp Balangan Bali.

What is the best surf camp for tourists?

for beginner mostly they say surf camp in Canggu is the most wonderful and cozy summer experience. Based on price and experience.

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Video surfing Canggu Bali

You will meet your Instructor before the session on the beach, provide mineral water, and surfboard.

The Cheapest surfing lesson in the world, 35$ now $29 in Bali

canggu bali surfing lesson

Location Bali Surfing Lesson: Canggu Beach, Bali

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It was fun to be in the team and we have with new people, every day


Hi thanks Jimmy and Hayun, we have a great Time, for surf lesson 4 days with you guys... We Will comeback next year for surf another surf spot, mau be to Java island


First impressions matter. We know what do we need to be succesful and we are working on it. interested to be in our team

  • Passionate to Surf
  • Away from home feel at home
  • Let go and take off the wave
  • Surf trip around Indonesia