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4 Best Beach In Canggu Bali - Best Place to get your surf lesson

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The beaches of Bali can be too crowded at times. Because so many tourists flock to this little island in Indonesia, the beaches can be too hot and noisy for you to enjoy a peaceful and quiet day just relaxing and sipping ice-cold fruit drinks by the seashore. 

However, in the sleepy, little town of Canggu just north of glitzy Seminyak, there is a wide expanse of beaches where you can simply lie back and breathe in the freshness of the air without being hounded by street-hawkers and fellow travelers. 

If you're staying in one of the luxurious villas that Seminyak is known for, then rest assured you have very close access to some of the very best beaches in all of Bali. 

Let's have a look at some of them.

1. Pererenan Beach

The road to Pererenan Beach from Seminyak provides a breathtaking view of the green countryside flanking both sides of the road. Once you get there, you can simply let go of your worries and bask in the luscious view of the rocks being lapped up by the giant waves coming in from the Indian Ocean. 

If you're craving for a little more privacy, you can even climb over the rocks and land on a small area of sand where you can dip your toes into the sea.

2. Batu Bolong Beach

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Batu Bolong Canggu
Also one of the undisturbed beaches of Canggu is Batu Bolong Beach, where enthusiasts come for the powerful waves that are ideal for surfers, and anyone who wants to experience surfing. There are no vestiges of modern life found at Batu Bolong Beach, except for a hotel and a smattering of warungs several meters away from the hotel. 

Warungs are small, thatched-roofed stalls owned by locals who sell food, drinks, and other refreshments.

3. Echo Beach

In Balinese, Echo Beach is called Batu Mejan Beach, but because this place is the favorite among tourists in the area, it has gained its own name in English. However, Echo Beach still has a more relaxed ambiance than most of the tourist-packed beaches in south Bali. 

If you're the type of person who enjoys a vacation by munching down on kebabs and barbecues with friends while enjoying a cold bottle of beer or two, Echo Beach is the place to be. 

Also, Echo Beach is home to the famous Echo Restaurant, which serves freshly caught seafood every day. Don't pass up eating here when you're at Echo Beach.

4. Berawa Beach

Most people know Berawa Beach, also known as Brawa Beach, as just another little beach in Canggu. What most people don't know is that a minor distance away from the main beach in Berawa, you can walk into one of the best places to watch a Bali sunset. 

Stroll down the beach for several meters until you reach a bamboo bridge that crosses a lagoon. Just sitting quietly next to the bridge is a small warung serving native Balinese dishes and offering one of the best views in town. If you've been to this place, you've seen one of the best sunsets in the whole world.

Where the best place to learn surfing?

The answer is Batu Bolong Beach, with the smooth waves and stable current, of course, Batu is number one Choice for beginner and intermediate, its offer some of the beginner spot and intermediate.

If you think about surf lesson just think about Batu Bolong, Canggu. Most tourists stay in camp, homestay, hotels, and villas. they the surf session for a couple days, weeks or month.

Close to famous party area Old Mans and Sand Bar, the left-hander always become a favorite among the tourist for fun board and longboard.

Canggu In the Morning 

Canggu Sunset

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