CREW ISR - SURFING REPUBLIC surfing republic



Brand new surf lesson and adventure based in Pelabuhan Ratu, we named the Surfing Republic. 

Owned and organized by a local surfer in Karang Papak (sunset beach). 

We Proudly Announce that Canggu Bali is our main operating business, So if you are in Canggu Bali, we are happy to help achieve your surfing experience.

We realized that there are already surf schools in the area, but we are very different from them. The vision is to spread the message to everybody about surfing and the environmental issue.
The main focus is a group of kids, school group, and youngsters because they are the new generation. Ecological and safety the hot topic at the moment. Besides the group, we give the private lesson and family packages.
Surfing Republic’s main goal is to attract the client to enjoy and to know more the situation and tourism in Indonesia area, hotels, and restaurant, and surf attraction is the very best media to deliver our business.
Surfing Republic idea is to expand more tourist to the area for the coming years. As Indonesia 70 percent of the area is the ocean, we had no hesitation with the improvement of tourism, especially in surfing.

Surfing business and opportunities

We already convinced that surfing republic profitable business, we combined fun, sport and education. The combination will turn the parent’s mind that their children use their free time useful.
The market of surfing growing extremely, especially in Indonesia every kid want to try out to surf wherever they can find the wave. Today a lot of people who care with the environment, their passion in the environment is our market, they will get two experience to learn to surf and keep the environment clean of rubbish.
Interested to Join us? 
To join us is also a free promotion to your own business since we also had the program surf camp and adventure, each time they access our website they can see your hotel in our packages, as we send you the contract rate letter.


Jimmy Bheston as head instructor 


He is our commander at sea, a lifeguard, an athlete, and big wave rider. Bronze lifeguard certificates from Australia. Surf instructor since 2008 when he was 16 years old, surf in a lot of surfing spot Indonesia. Last experience as a surf instructor in Bali Learns to Surf Hard rock Kuta Bali.

Hayun Yusfardani as director and surfing logistic


Surf instructor and handle the Jakarta and West Java marketing and sponsorship. Don’t hesitate to contact.

Misbahul Munir as marketing and website editor

Internet Officer and freelance, web designer and life with the computer or go to the beach and hike are his FULL job. Obsessed to travel the world. He will check your itinerary and correspondence will be sorted, he checked all inbox and blog every single day. He runs the blog as a travel blogger.